Thursday, January 5, 2012

Occupy Laziness (wait that's us)

I saw a political cartoon the other day that just about summed up my feelings about Occupy Wall Street.

It's amazing to me that these people can just sit around protesting the people who are going to work to create jobs for them! "Tax the rich and their corporations!" one sign reads. It's those corporations that are keeping us out of a major depression! And besides, they're already paying a higher tax rate! Instead of sitting on your bum waiting for the 1% to give you 50% of their hardearned money, why don't you 99% start making some of your own? You can't just depend on the big bad "1%" to keep the economy going.

I saw another cartoon.

Who the heck cares!? Why does making the rich poorer make you happier? If you aren't dying of starvation or out on the street, just be thankfully for what you've got and work toward getting more by going to work instead of sitting on your bum! You want money? Power? So did they; but they didn't get it from the 1% of their time, they got it from getting an education and then a job. Stop saying give us money! Get some for yourself or be quiet because you're making a fool of yourself!

I'm done. That's my view. There will probably be plenty to come out tomorrow.

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"Aren't you a little young to being doing this?"
"Yes, yes I am"
-Phineas and Ferb

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