Wednesday, July 11, 2012

What Happened to Hope, Change, and More Jobs?

Question: What do you get when you cross the government with the economy? Answer: A jobs crisis.
This most recent jobs report was, no matter how much people try to cover it up or redirect it into something good, awful. 
But why? I thought that Obama’s jobs plan was supposed to solve the whole thing! At least, most of America did.  What went wrong? What made a program intended to help people in need of a job into this:

First of all, people need to understand a basic principle of Capitalism: the private sector knows best. It's as simple as that. The private sector takes care of its own problems. There are tons of examples throughout history of this principle, and examples of the disastrous consequnces of choosing to disregard the principle.
One of these examples happened in the late 1940's. It was right after WWII, and all the soldiers were flooding back into the country, especially large cities. The wise mayors of these cities decided that the private sector would be completely overwhelmed, and unable to handle the sitution. So, they instated rent control, making it illegal for apartments or rental houses to charge over a certain price. Bad choice. As soon as the controls were in place, all the students living with roomates decided that this was the best time to get a place of their own, now that prices were so low. Now, with these students taking up all the spaces intended for Army men, the situation was much worse. On top of that, apartment companies, because of the forced low pricing, had no money to complete apartments that were being built, or to build new ones. There were 12 unfurnished or incomplete apartments per homeless person.
There are hundreds of cases like this where the government comes in to help, and ends up mercilessly destroying.
So where is the solution to this mess? Less government intervention. Repeal restrictions on businesses, which will let them get bigger, opening more jobs. It's common sense: kill the company, kill the jobs. And the way to kill a company is through government restrictions. Also, we need to get rid of alot of welfare programs for people without jobs. And while we're at it, take out all the entitlements programs. That's the church's job.
Hope that helps.
Isaiah Taylor

"Aren't you a little young to being doing this?"
"Yes, yes I am"
-Phineas and Ferb

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