Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Why I’m Not Too Distressed About the Election

For many Christians and conservatives, the last election was quite a downer. After the amazingly energetic campaign, easily won debates, and several popular anti-Obama movies, it came as a surprise to me when Obama won, especially by the crazy amount that he did win. Maybe my shock came from the fact that for five hours before the winner was announced, I was taking Kentucky exit polls where 75% voted Romney.

  After the preliminary shock I experienced after discovering America’s lack of forward thinking in electing a man who no plan for the future, I started to think about what the next four years will mean for America in these three areas:

      A.   Economic
      B.   Foreign Policy
      C.   Social Issues

Despite the tendency on the part of the current most powerful man in the world to add 8 trillion dollars to the national debt, imprint into the society a hate of corporations; despite the creation of taxes and policies that force companies to ship jobs oversees; I believe the economy is the least of our worries, given the immense damage that may be done in the other fields.
     However, the field of economics is incredibly important, so here is my surmise as to what will happen in the following four years.
     First, it is admitted even by liberals that the debt will increase. How much it will increase is unsure, but I would be willing to stick my neck out and warn you to expect a 20 trillion dollar debt when Obama leaves office in 2016. This will come about by ObamaTax (Supreme Court’s take on ObamaCare) and the various other massive programs he intends to instate.
Second, because of nasty policies and high taxes, companies will continue failing, shipping overseas, and potential businesses will not be started. I expect the unemployment rate will be at 9.5% to 10% by February of 2017.

And I won’t even mention the Fiscal Cliff.

Next is the area of Foreign Policy. Over the last four years, we have seen some very frightening things in President Obama’s foreign policy. However, it is not my goal in this to gripe about the past. It is not my goal to gripe about the massive scandal involving the death of three former Navy SEALs and the U.S. Ambassador to Libya, the constant neglect to meet with arguably our closest ally who may be on the edge of annihilation, a tour apologizing for being the greatest nation in the history of the world, and the fact that the president’s first act in office was to send back the Churchill bust.
It is, however, my goal, to gripe about what he has said about the future. I am specifically referring to his comments to the president of Russia about being more flexible in his second term, showing that he knew the decisions he would be making could not withstand the scrutiny of the American people.
To illustrate, I would like to borrow a quote from Tony Stark in the movie Avengers: “An intelligence agency that fears intelligence? Historically, not awesome.” If we slightly modify that, we have a shocking picture of what American politics has become: “A checks and balances system that fears the checks? Historically, not awesome.”

Over the next four years, I believe we will continue seeing more and more strain with allies like Japan, Israel, and others until some can no longer be called allies (e.g. Japan). Pakistan, a nuclear country, will gain extreme and levels in Iraq and will harbor terrorists, continuing to be in a close relationship with Russia and China. We will see more attacks like Benghazi, and a general recession of the presence of America in the global field.

         Finally, we have the social side of affairs. I have ranked this as the scariest part of this election. The damage that has already been done is almost incomprehensible but it will probably be 10 times worse in his second term.
         There’s United Nations treaty that is about to pass through the Senate that includes a section that incriminates parents who try to spank their children. This would so insanely degrade an already faltering America, that it would kill American society as we know it, slowly and painfully. I am almost certain that Obama will push very hard to pass it, as he did with the repealing of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.
         He will continue to degrade marriage by trying to in-state the law that would enable marriage to be defined as a union between two persons instead of a union between a man and woman. He will continue to ingrain into the culture a sense of laziness that comes with new entitlements and taking the work out of welfare, which will go back to hurting the economy. Overall, the social society as a whole will continue to run farther and farther away from the “more perfect union” that our forefathers wanted us to have.

         So, this all sounds awful. It is certainly something to be concerned about, right? Of course. Then why am I not worried?
         Here is an example to help: when you were young and you did something wrong, you got punished. Now the wrong thing was certainly bad, and the consequence was very unpleasant, but you gained something from it that was bigger than the pain. You became wiser.
         I believe the same can happen with America. The American people are finally truly putting socialism to the test, and I guarantee that it will fail. I also guarantee that we will pay dearly for the experiment. But just like a child’s punishment, we will gain from it. After this Socialist experiment, I firmly believe that we will learn our lesson once and for all, and never try Socialism again.

         In his book, Road to Serfdom, Friedrich Hayek shows that we are taking a path to Socialism, but are continuing on it much more slowly than countries in Europe. I believe that the situation that now faces America is the climax of his prediction.

         Now we must hope that as we have reached the American Socialist Climax, the decline of the same concept will soon follow.

Article Written by Isaiah Taylor, Admin

"Aren't you a little young to being doing this?"
"Yes, yes I am"
-Phineas and Ferb

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