Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Roles of Men and Women: Chivalry

Recently, we passed the 100th anniversary of  the sinking of the Titanic.
While it was a powerful symbol of human faultiness, it was also a very beautiful picture of man and womanhood if you look closely. When the news first arrived to the passengers that the ship was going to sink, we saw an amazing phenomenon. Although men are stronger than women, the men were the last to enter the life boats. 75% of the men on the Titanic died, while 75% of the women lived. The training of these young men shined through in this difficult situation, and they will be rewarded.

Another similar event happened recently, but with much different results. This time, the men took advantage of their strength and pushed the women and children aside so that they could get to the lifeboats and save their own lives. A very appalling event.

Why is it that there is such a horrible difference between these two similar circumstances?  While the men are certainly at fault, and, in my opinion, should be hanged for this terrible neglect of their duty, women are also a huge cause of the problem. The feminists have constantly been trying to root out all traces of chivalry because it shows a difference between men and women.

But feminists do not understand the reason for chivalry: to protect women. The whole concept of chivalry assumes that you recognize the fact that men are naturally stronger than men. This is easily proven. The strongest woman in the marines could only bench thirty more than me, 140. But chivalry uses that strength to protect women. Instead of using our strength to bully women, chivalry forces us to use our talents to help women. That is the concept behind opening doors, carrying luggage, etc. It is not that the women were not capable of opening the door, but it is a symbol that we men are guiding them in servant leadership.

Written by Isaiah Taylor, admin.

"Aren't you a little young to being doing this?"
"Yes, yes I am"
-Phineas and Ferb

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  1. so sadly true! men and women need to get back to true masculinity and femininity, not this modern, twisted junk :/


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